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We are already thinking about how the people of tomorrow will use our favorite material - plastic. Definitely in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

The requirements for the project

For us, sustainability means resource saving actions in all stages of the added value chain and beyond: concretely, this means from development to mass production, product use to disposal or better: to recycling the residues. Our motto: as a system supplier, we act in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.

That is why we started to focus specifically on sustainabili...

Our idea for implementation

In the past two paths have consistently been taken in the implementation of environmental management and will in future also be taken. On the one hand, it is necessary to implement the sustainability concept in the in-operation structure. This means everything related to the direct process handling and the machine manufacture of the product - in short, whatever affects the infrastructure...

The realization of the product

In terms of infrastructure, consistency is particularly needed in implementation, because sometimes the costs of investment in environmental protection are higher to start with, than committing to similar conventional solutions. One example of this is the acquisition of various photovoltaic plants, which we installed on a large scale. Combined with the acquisition of fully electric injec...

Sustainability is not just a concept, but also requires consistent action.

Further case studies

Find out more about the concrete requirements of our customers, and how we realized these innovatively and with state of the art technology.

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