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Case study SFD

A dream of foam…. Produced with an applicator which is noticeably more environmentally friendly and cheaper to manufacture than comparable products, and uses significantly less material? There is one - from CosMed.

The requirements for the project

In the Federal Republic of Germany alone, millions of pump applicators are sold every year. These are used for the dosed release of fine and creamy foam - for shaving, washing, chemical cleaning and many other applications. This system is available is various designs, yet they all have one significant disadvantage - the products cannot be recycled, or only to a very limited extent, due t...

Our idea for implementation

The concept aimed to develop a completely pressureless system, which produces dimensionally stable foam from liquid, and at the same time, fulfils our claim of sustainability. The development of a completely new and unique pump system is therefore the central development approach for the SFD. With air going in, combined with pressure exerted on the container, a stable, extremely fine-por...

The realization of the product

On the basis of an empirical investigation, we then determined how stable and fine-beaded the finished product - also described as mousse - is when released from the dispenser, using various filter inserts with different mesh widths in the realization phase. The desired solution, which requires the consistency of mousse, arose from the combination and use of a total of four filters with ...

A real innovation is something that no-one has yet, and no-one knows yet that it will soon be needed. We are working on it every day.

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Find out more about the concrete requirements of our customers, and how we realized these innovatively and with state of the art technology.

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