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The shaving foam and gel heads and deodorant headers by the NIVEA brand have been manufactured in various colors and designs hundreds of millions of times. The automation level in the production of this cosmetic item is almost 100%.

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Examples of cosmetic products

We manufacture pump applicators and foam spray nozzles from various materials, with different functions and in customer specific designs. We react to every fashion.
Plastics specialists CosMed manufacture foam spray nozzles in various colors and configurations, with a circulation of millions.
As we know, no two eggs are the same. Our customers also want diversity. And we allow variety with optimized mass production.
As a rule, cosmetic items consist of several individual components. Of course, the necessary assembly works to manufacture ready made components are also part of the portfolio.


Creamy foam at the push of a button - perfectly dosed in defined quantities. Almost everyone has held the shaving foam and gel heads from Nivea in their hand at some point. The foam head has been produced by us in-house in a circulation of millions, for the worldwide market for years. In various sizes, for varying quantities, in various colors - but always with the same quality and precision. Production is fully automated at CosMed. From injection molding the foam head, to the attachment of the header to the cap, to quality assurance to packaging.

Facts for the cosmetics sector

  • Development of sustainable products
  • Implementation without material mix where possible
  • Creation of new functionalities from plastic
  • Combination of technology and design aspects
  • Miniaturization
  • Reduction of components
  • Integration of functionalities

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