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Technical solutions

Precision is required for the functionality of technical products. This means that we can show off our competences in precision and complexity to the full.

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Examples of technical solutions

Fragrant ideas: We produce ideas with technologies that we have developed for our customers. Like these fragrance bottles, whose content can only really be smelled when first used.
Ready packaged: CosMed manufactures technical solutions - ready packaged in the original packaging carton of the customer. And we also deliver the products of course.
Regarding liquid contents. We are particularly good at producing products for this. Even for technical products such as these automatic lubrication systems by perma.
Process reliable film sealing is really a must. We can also do this on three dimensional contours.


The strengths and competences of CosMed are of course also sought after in the area of technical solutions. For example in the lubrication systems of perma-tec GmbH & Co. KG. These products are primarily produced with two plastics in the 2K procedure as hard/soft combinations with very closely tolerated sealing functions, and specific requirements to consider. STAR VARIO by perma, which is used for single point lubrication, builds up a pressure of up to 6 bar inside. In addition, the product is protected in accordance with protection class IP 65. Technical requirements which are already considered in the production of this component. The casing is injection molded from transparent plastic, to be able to visually assess the filling level of the lubricant. The product head contains an LCD display and LCD signals, powered by a battery set.

Facts for technical solutions

  • Implementation of technical requirements such as IP protection classes
  • Manufacturing in controlled areas and under clean room conditions
  • Manufacturing of individual components or assemblies
  • Semi- or fully automated component assembly
  • Automated packaging units

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