Plastics processing: in series and with high reproducibility

Short Facts Manufacturing

  • XY hydraulic, hybrid and fully electric injection molding machines
  • Clamping forces up to 6,500 kN
  • 3K injection molding technology
  • Manufacturing under clean room conditions

The optimum interaction of tool and injection molding machine ensures a sustainable and cost-optimized production of plastic products. The products are injection molded in accordance with the technical requirements in a clean room, as a multi component article or as a hybrid component. Our strengths are particularly in the manufacture of filigree components, sieves or thin walled products, combined with demanding parts geometries. The machinery includes hydraulic, hybrid and fully electric injection molding machines with clamping forces of up to 6,500 kN. Creating solutions with high technical demands is an active philosophy of CosMed. Therefore, the machinery and the peripherals is always maintained at a state of the art standard.

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